For the avoidance of doubt.

It’s bloody cold!


Current Saturday night TV

Well I’m much relieved. It isn’t after all, just me.

While I don’t knock / condone all those who enjoy much of the current fayre that is Saturday night TV, it appears there are others, like me, who run for the hills or safety zone that is “the other room” to escape the current mindless, moronic flow of utter garbage that is pumped across the airways.
I’ve taken to listening to Radio 7 with all the old radio comedy classics. Hancock’s Half Hour, Around the Horn and such like. Wonderful stuff from genuinely talented artists (most of whom are now dead) as opposed to a bunch of talentless cretins who are being manipulated to make the TV moguls like Mr. Cowell even richer.
Rant over. It’s been a bad day.

Ashes so far…

Have to say I'm thoroughtly enjoying the cricket down under. I guess a lot of that comes from years of being comprehensively thumped series after series, especially down in Australia. But the big change for me is the coverage itself. My lad who's 15, takes it all for granted, but when I was his age, all I had was some pretty iffy AM coverage on the "Third Programme" on the medium wave with Test Match Special, and the newspapers two days after the close of play. It was all very distant. That did add a degree of mystique to it all, and I often wonder how everyone would cope if we had to go back to that today.
Now, with Sky, it's live, in HD and in your living room. Complete with the technical analysis gizmos and a plethora of ex-players who provide both great incite and entertainment. What more could a cricket nut wish for? Well for me, only one thing is left, and that's before I'm finally nailed in my box, I simply have to get to Australia to experience it for myself. God knows how the "Barmy Army" can take two months off work and pay for a winter down under, so for me, it'll have to one Test, the huge question, is where? I love the look of l the grounds, everyone rates Adelaide, Perth looks gorgeous, but the MCG over Christmas is probably favourite. I've just dug out my piggy bank. Make that two piggies, doubt I'll be able to go without taking my lad, may have to wait until he's 18, at least we can have a few beers then 🙂

Gadget Show Live 2011

Just booked our tickets for next year at the NEC. Had a great day there recently for Top Gear Live, hoping this will be equally as entertaining. Sure Mikey may spend some time in the Games Hall while I meander around all the mobile comms stuff. Anyone been before? Really looking forward to it. It also includes a live show by the show’s presenters. M.