Well it’s always interesting at LFC….

It’s certainly been an entertaining season at Liverpool. More lows than highs for sure, but at least since the new owners and the return of Kenny, things have been looking far more positive. Add to that the latest high cost signing, and what could go wrong?

Reports now state our current number nine wants out. Given all the positive news recently, the timing of his request is most interesting. To me it shows he’s wanted away for some time now. Understandable upto a few weeks ago, but you’d have thought given the current situation he’d have wanted to at least see how it went until the end of the season. Apparently not.

So, in my view he can go, I’d far rather have committed players. But I hope LFC can (quickly) find a European buyer rather than him go to another Premiership side. Selling to Chelsea sends out the wrong message.



The return of Top Gear

Well praise the Lord. Finally, Sunday night offers a little something to whet the televisual appetite other than waiting for a so called celebrity to fall flat on their arse, on ice.

Some say Top Gear is a leviathon that’s lost it’s way, well to quote the latest, fastest “star in a reasonably priced car” John Bishop, “my arse”. His fellow Liverpool comedian Ricky Tomlinson may want a word on copyright over that, but I’d pay my license fee alone for Top Gear.

Make no mistake, it is an entertainment programme based around cars, but so what? It often says things that other folk can’t or daren’t due to political correctness gone mad. But it is at the cutting edge of keeping an eye on the motoring future. Tonight for example, a statement was made that will probably send the electric car brigade into meltdown. But the statement is true. Sure, if you’re only pottering about, electric vehicles *are* a very viable and much cheaper alternative to “normal” cars. I’d have one myself based on the above. But take tomorrow where I’ll be clocking up around 300 miles in a day, there’s not a hope. One day, and hopefully sooner rather than later, it will be possible and I’ll be first in the queue!

In the meantime, congratulations to the BBC on staying with the proven format of Top Gear, it certainly works for me, as it does by all accounts for millions of others.

Open Golf 2011

Got a very pleasant surprise the other day when I found out the good lady has bought tickets for me and Mikey to go and watch the Open for three days in July. This will mean I will have been to spectate at all four English courses, better still, I've played three of them 🙂 I believe the Open is back to Lytham is 2012 with Scotland the year after that.

Hoping too to play a lot of golf this year, once that is the clocks go forward and the weather improves, as you can see, I'm not a winter golfer. Both Mikey and I hoping to reduce the old handicaps this year!

Hoping for a win today.

A lot has happened at Liverpool football club over recent months, and I've deliberately kept quiet about it. I'm really not a fan of the current trend of "hire and fire" when it comes to managers, stability is what's required.
I obviously don't know what went on behind the scenes with Rafa, but it does appear that for whatever reason, his relationship with some of the players had soured, probably not helped by the then owners. When Hodgson was appointed, at the time, I couldn't really name a manager I wanted, until I heard that Kenny's had thrown his hat in. However, the word was that LFC didn't want to go back, and possibly allow Kenny to tarnish his reputation. Hodgson is clearly a good man, but some of his comments did start to set alarm bells ringing with me. What made it worse, was some of his tactics and decisions during games. It clearly wasn't working, and showed no signs of improving.
A change was needed. With the appointment of Kenny, the new owners have made the right move. Since his start, every comment to the press has been spot on, his tactics on the pitch and the style of football have been in line with how supporters expect LFC to present themselves. What's needed now is that first win. I hope it arrives today at lunchtime.