Several tricky holes a golf this morning, but managed the 19th without a hitch…




First pass at astro photography

Ok, it’s hardly the hubble, but it’s a start. Have been wanting to start this for years. Canon G11 on a tripod pointing at the Orion Nebula. Multiple settings tried, this one appears to show the best result. Now I just need to learn and improve 🙂 All in all very pleased for my first thirty minutes activity! I fear however this could get expensive….


After the Ashes…

Am I the only one who is getting weary of England's winter schedule? It's nearly five months they've been away now. Much as I loved the Ashes series, the subsequent ODI's were completely unnecessary. I'd much rather have had a three match ODI series before the Ashes, then come home. After all, what can top an Ashes series?

Then to go straight off to the World Cup where the format is ludicrous. I'm all in favour of having the smaller teams in it, but make it straight knock out. A round robin will by its very nature only succeed in eliminating all the smaller teams.

England look completely knackered, as I'd be if I'd been away from home that long.

It's all down to money, but in my view, less is very more in this case.

What a farce….

I'm talking about switching your phone / internet provider. Unlike gas and electric which you can switch at will, what I've found out is that if you move your phone away from BT, you're on a very sticky wicket if you ever want to move your broadband away from the LLU you've got your phone with. In summary, it appears the only route for your phone line, initially at least is back to BT. Then your chosen ISP will not be able to take your order until the phone is both BT, then there'll be a two week delay while they get you on line. In other words, you're without broadband for quite a period.

So, have ordered a new line and broadband with my chosen provider, then will cancel the existing setup with Sky. I get to have internet without interruption, but will have a new number (no bad thing given the amount of junk calls I get despite being registered with TPS)

So, think long and hard before moving your line away from BT, if you do, expect a period of darkness if you want away from your none BT provider).



Getting really rather irritated with the amount of news personnel currently deployed in Japan. Most of Sky and half the BBC appear to be there. And that's while the Government are advising against all but essential travel.

Sure, there needs to be a presence, but not this much? Leave the emergency organisations to get on with dealing with the situation. And on that note, it's really good to see Amateur Radio playing an important role while much of the standard comms are down.

Thoughts are with everyone over there, and really hope that can get this nuclear power station under control…


A full circle…

Well, here I am doing sound for the Mikado. A few years ago a good friend asked me if I could step in since he was unavailable. The show back then was also the Mikado. Done most of the G&S ones now and while not being a great fan initially, I do love the humour and trust me, you can’t get the bloody songs out of your head for weeks.

Good fun all round 🙂